Wednesday, October 21, 2009

10/21 - Letter to the World

OH my goodness...I´m so sorry. I have been going so fast trying to write to my mission pres and answer the e-mails from my family that I just about completely forgot to write to all of you. I think I´ll just leave you with a quick hello, and a ´Fact from Argentina´....this one is to complete last week´ collect the garbage, there is a garbage truck that drives down the street, but like at home, where there is an arm that grabs the garbage cans, here, there are 2 men that run behind the garbage truck grabbing the garbage out of the metal baskets up on poles that are on the side of the road, and then throw it into the back of the truck!
I Love you all, and I´m sorry. The Temple in Buenos Aires closes on 1 NOV, about a week....and my companion and I went today to do a session...that lasted for a LONG time. That´s why I didn´t have too much time to write.
I´m sorry again.
Elder Denton

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